Sunday, March 10, 2013


Another week has passed.  Honestly, I'm kind of happy that the days are going by quickly.  I have this thing where I get excited about big changes that are coming in the future and it makes it really hard for me to enjoy the "now."  It kind of sucks actually...but anyway, we are most likely going to be moving away from Maine come this May.

I'm sad and happy about it at the same time.  After living here for a year and a half, I have really come to love this place.  I've made a surprising number of friends (making friends is usually difficult for me because I'm so shy), I've gotten involved at a church that I love, and there are so many great restaurants to eat at and sites to see.  The fall is of course beautiful here with the changing leaves.  And we have an awesome large apartment that we get to live in.

However, I always kind of enjoy moving (not the actual packing and moving part, but you know what I mean) and getting to start over in a new environment.  There is a good chance that we will end up in California.  My husband is from Long Beach and still has lots of friends and family there.  He unwillingly had to move to Tennessee when he was 18, but if he hadn't he wouldn't have met me!  It's funny how God makes things work like that...I'm pretty excited about moving to Cali because the environment there is TOTALLY different from anywhere else I have ever lived.  The weather is always amazing, and Disneyland is close by.  And there is a lot of tattooed people there, so I think I would fit in alright.

I don't think California is the place where I would like to settle and raise kids, because it is so far away from my family in the Midwest.  But for now, I think it will be a pretty cool adventure.  We should be figuring things out soon as far as the move goes, so I will definitely keep y'all posted.


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