Sunday, March 17, 2013


So Tuesday was my 24th birthday.  Happy birthday to me!  It was a pretty good day for the most part.  I was hoping to get a tattoo that day, but when we got to the shop, my artist was super busy and I didn't have time to wait around for him.  So I went home and watched an episode of LA Ink to make up for it.  I painted my nails emerald green while I watched in preparation for Saint Patty's day.  Apparently emerald green is the "it" color right now, but I'll be curious to see if that's still true when Saint Patrick's day is over with.

So back to my birthday...I avoided working that afternoon because I shouldn't have to work too hard on my birthday, right?  I opened presents when William got home.  I got a Fossil purse from my in-laws and William got me a few Alex and Ani bracelets.  These were both really great presents.  We went out for a special dinner at Davids 388 in South Portland and I ordered Duck breast, which came with this really yummy sauce.  Then I went to bible study and all the girls had gotten me little gifts of nail polish and other beauty items.  There were also gluten free/vegan cupcakes that were delish.  I love gluten by the way; there is just one girl in the bible study who can't eat it and bakes the most delicious gluten free things.  Who would have known that was even possible?  But it was really cute and everything was decked out in purple because it's my favorite color.

I ended up getting my tattoo done on Thursday instead.  It KILLED getting the inside of my bicep poked at for an hour and a half.  But the design turned out really awesome and now I'm just waiting for it to heal all the way.  Am I the only person who thinks that the healing process of a tattoo can be really gnarly?  It's annoying.  Anyway...Maybe I'll post a picture when its all healed.  Well that's all for now.  I'm super tired.  Was at church literally allll morning (7 am to 12:30 pm, eck!) singing with the team.    

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