Monday, June 27, 2011

Hope in the midst of unemployment

Today I decided to start blogging.  I also happened to come across an inspirational article (after deciding to blog), perfect material for my first time entering into the blogosphere.  I've been searching and applying for jobs for the past two weeks now and so far I haven't heard from anyone except Macy's and it seemed like they had contacted me by accident.  I came across this article through a website called Snag a Job which has helped me to find open positions in my area to apply to.  Here is the article:

I've always wanted to start my own type of creative business, which is why I found this article so intriguing.  Unfortunately it doesn't completely apply to me because I am already unemployed, and it talks about entrepreneurship as a sort of back up plan if you get laid off.  But it still really inspires me.  I am very talented with my hands and feel that if I could just find the right craft, then maybe I could do something like that and start my own business.  That would be so fun!  Any ideas...?  

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